Bob Steckey for Regional Council

Bob Steckley
I am a lifelong resident
of Fort Erie.
Successful business owner for 25 years.
Municipal Councillor

Community Involvement

Founding member of Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks

Organizing Committee for Ridgeway and Crystal Beach Summer Festivals, and NCC's Heritage Day.

Coach/trainer with Fort Erie Minor Hockey, and Greater Fort Erie Youth Soccer Clubs

Crystal Beach Improvement Area

Fort Erie Big Brothers Association

Advanced Voting

Available to all voters on the following dates and times:

Friday, October 17
9 am – 2 pm

Faith Reformed Church
3605 Black Creek Rd.

Saturday, October 18
9 am - 5 pm

Leisureplex Banquet Hall
3 Municipal Centre Dr.

Monday, October 20
1 pm - 8 pm

Central Fire Station
444 Central Ave.

Tuesday, October 21
9 am - 6 pm

Crystal Ridge Centre
89 Ridge Road S.

Town of Fort Erie Website
Fort Erie Racetrack & Slots
Canadian Motorsports Speedway

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Ignore The False Rumours

Contrary to a rumour going around, I have not withdrawn from the Regional race and I will NEVER do so!

I am in it to WIN it!

Opening Remarks at All Candidates Night
Closing Remarks at All Candidates Night

Your Vote is Important!

You deserve a representative that will stand up for Fort Erie and ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely and fairly. I have the business and municipal experience, the time, and the passion to make sure that Fort Erie’s voice is heard loud and clear at the regional level!

Our current Regional councillor John Teal has the fourth worst attendance record of all 31 members who sit on the Regional Council. Councillor Teal also leaves our Fort Erie council meetings after delivering his report in the first 10 minutes of the meeting. He is quoted in the Niagara Falls Review blaming chronic back problems as one of the reasons he misses so many meetings.

I can sympathize with him concerning the back problem as I have family members who also suffer from this. However if you physically cannot do the job then do not apply for the position. Fort Erie is not getting the representation we need and deserve if our councillor cannot attend the meetings or leaves the meetings early!

My Experience

I started the Crystal Beach Candy Co. 24 years ago and we have had to continually adapt to a changing economic climate in order to survive. I have expanded my business 3 times and I am working on the fourth expansion. We have customers throughout Canada and the USA.
Ten years ago I purchased a floundering business and increased the sales 10 fold in a few short years by using my business experience and creative thinking to re-build the business into a thriving sustainable enterprise.
I consider myself to be a problem solver who can face a challenge head-on knowing that I have the ability to first analyze the problem, and then find the best possible solution.
I have been a municipal councillor for 8 years and I have gained a lot of experience in the budget process. During our last two budgets I asked more questions and recommended more cuts and changes than any other member of council.

My persistence to keep taxes low helped to bring in two of the lowest budget increases in the last 8 years. I am always accessible to my constituents and I have made hundreds of site visits to see their issues first hand. We have made great improvements to the basement flooding issue in Crescent Park and have significantly reduced basement flooding.

I have fought hard for improvements to our waterfront road allowances to improve access for everyone, and work is currently being performed on 3 of these roads near Waverly Beach. I have supported the Canadian Motor Speedway at every step of the way, and I fully support the Miller Creek Marina proposal. I have always supported the Fort Erie Race track and voted to assist with funding to keep this historic track alive.

I have been a board member of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority for the past 7 years. I sit on this board which is comprised of 15 members including mayors, councillors, and appointees from every municipality in the Niagara Region, Hamilton, and Haldimand County.

I am well respected and I get along very well with all members of this board and I have fought hard to make sure Fort Erie’s voice is loudly represented each meeting.
Excerpts from a letter dated April 9, 2014 from Ted Mansell the Executive Vice President of SEIU Local 2 (the union that represents race track employees) and board member of Fort Erie Live Racing Consortium :

“Dear Councillor Steckley,

I wish to express my sincerest gratitude and heartfelt thanks on behalf of all of our Union members employed at the Fort Erie Racetrack for your outstanding leadership, impressive commitment, and unwavering political support of the Fort Erie Racetrack.

There are many, many grateful families throughout the Fort Erie community feeling relieved, and elated with a three-year funding deal finally in place. Once again we are all very aware this simply could not have happened without your impressive support. We are so very grateful. Please appreciate mere words cannot thank you enough.

May God bless.”

My Concerns at the Region

We do not currently have strong representation at the region; our current representative has the fourth worst attendance record for all 31 regional representatives.

Our water bills are too high.

Fort Erie’s affordable housing wait times are unacceptable - there is a 7 year wait for a 1 bedroom unit and a 5 year wait for a senior unit.

Almost 50% of the taxes the region receives goes to pay for Police Services.

Here is an example for a Home's Assessed Value of $200,000

> See More <

Calculate what you pay using this form.

Gross expenditures at the region for 2014 = $1,049,000,000.00 that is 1.05 BILLION DOLLARS! And the region only spent $2,000,000.00 on economic development.

Dominion Rd is a regional road and is voted one of the worst roads in the Niagara Region. Surely we can do better than patching a few holes.

There is a shortage of senior and assisted care homes.

My Promise to You

I will attend the regional council meetings fully prepared and ready to discuss and vote on the issues.

I will stay at the Town of Fort Erie council meetings until any and all business that could need regional support is finished. Our current representative leaves after giving his report – within the first 10 minutes.

I will fight to keep your taxes low and I will be respectful of your tax dollars. We need to keep our spending within our ability to pay. I will look for savings, duplications, and efficiencies within every department.

I will fight to lower the regional portion of our outrageously high water bills.

I will make sure that the region is fully on board with the Canadian Motor Speedway and any other developments that Fort Erie brings forward.

I will push for economic development within the region and make sure that Fort Erie is considered for every project. We need to create an environment that makes the Niagara Region attractive to investors.

I will vote against any pay raises for regional councillors and if a pay raise is approved, I will refuse to accept the increase.

I am not running for a seat on regional council as a stepping stone to provincial or federal politics. Ask my opponents if they will promise never to run provincially or federally.

Keep watching for more info.

Are you aware that 46 cents of every dollar you pay in property taxes goes to the Region to help fund and provide the following services to residents in the Niagara Region:

Water & Waste Water Treatment Garbage Collection & Recycling
Police and Ambulance Services Seniors Community Programs
Affordable Housing Long Term Care Homes
Children Services Economic Development
Public Health Department Emergency Response Management
Development Services Administration of Prov. Offenses Court
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

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Monday, October 27, 2014
10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Central Fire Station
444 Central Ave.
Royal Canadian Legion, Br. 71
130 Garrison Road
Leisureplex Banquet Hall
3 Municipal Centre Dr.
Royal Canadian Legion Br. 230
228 South Mill St.
Crystal Ridge Centre (Hall)
99 Ridge Road South
Stevensville Memorial Hall
2508 Stevensville Rd

Faith Reformed Church
3605 Black Creek Rd.

If you have any concerns, would like to host a lawn sign or assist with my campaign, please give me a call at 905.871.7531

or email me using this form:
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